Today is day 1 of our church fast! As we enter the start of our church fast. It’s important to keep the goal in mind.





What are you praying for?


What are you believing for?


How do you hope this fast will affect your relationship with God?



READ // Luke 7


In the message this last weekend we talked about how religion is about the “do’s and don’t.” The religious leaders in Jesus’ time thought they could earn God’s approval and acceptance with rule following. Jesus showed that he is more concerned with our hearts.


Today, take some time to read and think about the messages Pastor Caleb preached from Luke 7 over the last two weeks. Ask God to help you not just refrain from things during this fast, but to replace these things with a closer relationship with God, inspirational reading and podcasts, times of prayer and worship, and contemplation of scriptures.





  • Purify our hearts and motives.
  • Help us to become closer to God over the next week.