Day 2, You’ve got this! I'm sure for those who have given up food it’s probably on your minds a lot more. Let’s choose to think differently, make a shift in your mind to focus on what he is saying to you today.





How do I see myself today?


How does God see me?


Do I personally change to be loved by God? Or do I change because I am loved by God?



READ // ZEPHANIAH 3:17 + LUKE 7:18-23


In the first week of our series, “The Lord in our Midst” we talked about Gods love. His love is for us, and is given to us because we are his children. In Zephaniah says “his love will calm our fears.” When we accept Gods love our fears are no longer our priority or our focus.


John the Baptist was in prison for doing the work of God. He has a concern (fear) that Jesus may not be the one so he sends his disciples to go ask him. Jesus responds with grace saying (paraphrasing) “Let John know what you see. All are being healed, and the good news is being heard by the poor.” Serving God, having faith, and trusting God to come through can be difficult when you don’t see the outcome. When it gets hard and it gets rough, don’t go through the motions. Be real and vulnerable before the Lord. He loves you.





  • God, help me to accept your love that calms my fears.
  • God, go before me in my challenges today and this year.
  • Ask God to give you insight for the year to come. What is His plan for your life and his plan for growth in your relationship with Him this year? What might he be calling you to trust Him in? What does that look like?